Friday, May 3, 2013

FUN Fact about TOMORROW!

FUN FACT- Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! 
Readers young and old, hard-core and newbies, will come out for comic book fans' favorite day: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! 
We didn't know about the event until a customer told us. But once we knew, we thought we should pass along the fun! 

Here's a little video about what the day is!

 SO! Here is the PLAN! 
Come by Beau Alexis 
We know you need a rockin' outfit when you snag your free swag
So check out this BoomBang Tank with high waisted green pants!
We're here until 6pm tonight (Friday) and open at 10 on Saturday! 

Once you grab your outfit for the day, here are some local comic shops that participate:

you're welcome!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mean Girls


Some of our 30-something & under shoppers may know that today is the anniversary of


a film that invoked fear of high school in young girls, and made those already in high school glad that we didn't go to school with The Plastics. Its QUOTABLE factor is through the roof, and to pay it tribute, we have put together a mean girl outfit post.

We first channeled the SUPER girl side of The Plastics: 
pink, white, and lace

white and pink

And then we channeled the obnoxious bitchy rude I mean... funny (?) side of their behavior with these 
Wildfox Couture tee and sweatshirts


Friday, April 12, 2013

Beau's Bulletin: Wedding & Store Updates from Beau!

Pre-Wedding Fun: 
It is getting REAL! We did a fun pre-wedding shoot to get us in the spirit of it all! 
There is so much to do and things can get so stressful... so we wanted to do something FUN just for us! 
We are so excited and everyone has been calling, emailing, and texting amazing words of LOVE! Thank you thank you! 

 Cake Tasting:

We have been cake tasting all over Los Angeles and Ventura counties looking for JUST the right cake! 
We tried so many cakes it's hard to keep track of them all! 
Here are some pictures of our tasting at Sweet and Saucy in Long Beach! 

Store Happenings

Vidakush Jewelry- Saturday April 27, 2013 
Vidakush is bringing their stylish flare to Camarillo for a ONE DAY event! 
Whether you're looking for gems, crosses, skulls, or flowers, Vidakush has something for you! 
From girly floral headbands to kick-ass body chains, you don't want to miss out! 

New Displays- 
We always like to mix the store around; it keeps things fresh and keeps you on your toes! 
We have thrown out the vintage and the store is fresh and fun! And we have moved some things around once again! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Freshen Up Your Home

When SPRING arrives, I always get this nervous energy. I want to rearrange my house, clean out all the junk I've been collecting and start fresh with the new season! We do it at the store, too! Even though we're always moving things around, when it starts getting sunny again we really go at it. 

Part of how we are freshening up this season is by HELPING YOU freshen up your house! 
Everyone knows we are AMAZING at helping women dress their bodies, now let us spruce up your home a little bit, too! 
Featuring all new PILLOWS and SIGNS for your home! 



 Find THESE and MORE fun finds at BEAUALEXIS.COM